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Dead Link Management Extended 1.2

find all the links in posts, checks their status, and see all links in a list

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    Kompatible XF Versionen:
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    Sichtbares Branding:
    Ja, kann aber nach einer Zahlung entfernt werden
    1 Lizenz = 1 xenForo Instanz
    1 Jahr; $8 Verlängerung
    Please look at the pictures and the demo!

    After installation, you find the „Dead Link Managment“ in the Tools and in the Rebuild Caches section. Scroll down and set your time frame. Perhaps it is better to choose smaller time frames, cause the search takes time.

    This maintenance run must be done only once, but must in the end have done the whole forum. Should it not be done, only new posted links are automatically recorded.
    New links or changes will be recognized automatically by the Addon and stored / checked.

    After links have been found, they are sorted by their status and the number to the respective status. You find the whole list in the Tools, se the menu at Dead Link Managment.
    These list can be exported as HTML file or checked again.

    If you select a state from the list, you get a list of all links of this state, listed with the number of how many posts containing this link.

    After clicking on a link, you get a list of all the posts with this link inside and the title of the thread and the URL bbCode. Now you can directly delete this link in the specific post.

    In the rebuild caches you can also use an automatic link replacement. It can replace the link with ist description in the post, or with a freely selectable text, done by yourself.

    - Lists all the links in the forum by its status etc. on.
    - Per Options you can check internal links
    - Export the respective lists as HTML File
    - Each status can be checked manually again
    - Explanation of each status
    - Per maintenance run can all links of a status replace with freely selectable text
    (Replace Text will be taken only if the link text is not equal to the Link)
    - Per CronJob all links continuously get checked again
    - New links in a post be immediately detected and added to the list and checked by CronJob or manually
    - Display the Link Status in the post directly by the link - for selected user groups
    - Temporary On request Hide links with selected state
    - Whitelist
    - Frontend for Mod/Admin

    DEMO (If resetet hourly)
    User: TestAdmin
    Password: testadmin


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