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  1. LastTechie

    LastTechie Neues Mitglied Lizenznehmer

    1. November 2016
    You can call me Traven.

    I tend to describe myself as a programmer, cybersecurity expert, and good friend for people. I tend to play a lot of Overwatch and Hearthstone. I used to play League of Legends religiously. I watch a lot of science-based YouTube channels and anime. My favorite genre of music tends to be Japanese Rock.

    I guess that's everything to introduce myself. If you have any more questions or anything, just ask!
  2. otto

    otto AD Lizenznehmer

    7. Juli 2015
    Fachinformatiker i.A.
    At the moment I say just welcome, Traven! :)

    But its nice to know, what your skills are. :like
  3. Maestro2k5

    Maestro2k5 Administrator Lizenznehmer

    7. Juli 2015
    Welcome on Xen-Hilfe
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